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The Next Chapter in the “Salem’s Secrets, Scandals, & Lies” Series Available Online for $1.99 From May 3rd Thru May 9th as a Special Sourcebooks Promotion

Los Angeles, CA, Wednesday, April 27, 2011 – Sourcebooks, Inc., an independent book publisher outside of Chicago, will release “A Stirring from Salem,” the second novel in a book trilogy based on NBC’s longest-running scripted series, “Days of our Lives.”  Authored by Sheri Anderson, the Emmy-winning writing force behind some of television’s most iconic storylines over the past thirty years and former head writer for “Days of our Lives,” the book coincides with the show’s 45th anniversary on the air and the recent renewal of the show for two more drama-filled seasons.


“A Stirring from Salem” is a sequel to “A Secret in Salem,” the first book in a trilogy of “Days of our Lives”-inspired novels by the former head writer that follows many popular characters no longer on the show while also introducing many exciting new ones through this innovative tie-in fiction line that provides alternative and extended stories for the characters.  John Black and Marlena Evans, played by legendary soap icons Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall, are the stars of the book series, delighting fans who haven’t seen the pair onscreen since January of 2009.  “A Stirring from Salem” takes place in the exotic and dangerous lands of South Africa as a deadly secret is revealed that threatens a clinic run by “Days of our Lives” fan favorites Kayla, Patch, and Bill Horton.  Super-couple John and Marlena, with the help of family and friends from Salem, work to uncover the truth and help save the clinic as young ingénue Charley Gaines, a newcomer to the “Days” universe, finds herself thrown into the world of high fashion, where danger lurks behind every bush.  Old loves will be challenged, secrets will be revealed, and passions will ignite stronger than ever.


The eBook version of “A Stirring from Salem” will be available online as of May 10, 2011, and as a promotional gift to fans, the digital version will be available for only $1.99 for the week of May 3rd through the 9th.  In addition, the eBook edition of the “A Stirring from Salem” predecessor, “A Secret in Salem,” will be available online for free during the promotion.  Fans can expect the final chapter in the “Salem’s Secrets, Scandals, & Lies” trilogy, “A Scandal in Salem,” to be out later this year.


Working in every aspect of writing including scripts, editing, and long story, two-time Emmy-winner Sheri Anderson was responsible for over 3,000 hours of television, creating some of the most memorable and groundbreaking storylines on American daytime television and helming or co-writing for popular series such as “General Hospital,” “Santa Barbara,” and “Falcon Crest,” among others. She has also acted as creative consultant and executive producer for “The Spot,” the first original content site on the internet, and has worked extensively in international television and film development.  She has recently been traveling the country with past and present “Days of our Lives” cast members to promote the book series as well as “Days of our Lives 45 Years A Celebration in Photos,” an anniversary coffee table book authored by the show’s Executive in Charge of Production Greg Meng and Hollywood art director Eddie Campbell.  The book is a rare glimpse of over 500 behind-the-scenes, never-before-seen photographs of cast, crew, sets, and styling, breaking the proverbial “fourth wall” for an extraordinary look inside the studio and into the lives of the show’s stars.


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A Very DOOL Mother’s Day…

As you know, Days of our Lives is celebrating 45 years on television. We at Days of our Lives are happy that you welcomed us into your living rooms year after year. We know that generations of fans have watched their favorite cast members and stories unfold in Salem. To that end, we’d like to hear your story! In the spirit of Mother’s Day, let us know just how long you’ve been watching the show and how you got started. Whether it be from your mother, grandmother, aunt, etc. Tell us your emotional/funny/weird stories.

Here are the details of the contest:


-Create a video of yourself telling us the story of how you started watching Days of our Lives. You can have your mother or grandmother, etc. appear in the video with you or tell your story solo. We just want to hear who got you started and if you’ve gotten anyone close to you hooked.

-Upload the video to

-Post the link to your video on our Facebook wall.


-Videos cannot be posted on our wall more than once.

-The video with the most ‘likes’ on our page will be the winner of the contest and receive the Days of our Lives prize package.

-You may link to our Facebook page and encourage your friends to come like the video, they will have to ‘like’ the page to be able to ‘like’ your video though.

-Please keep videos under 4 minutes.

-No profanity, nudity, other ‘ity’s please.


-‘Days of our Lives 45 Years: A Celebration in Photos’ by Greg Meng & Eddie Campbell

-‘Kitchen Closeup’ by Deidre Hall

-‘Like Sands Through the Hourglass’ by Bill & Susan Hayes

-‘A Secret in Salem’ & ‘A Stirring in Salem’ by Sheri Anderson

-Signed head shots from various cast members

-other Days of our Lives memorabilia

Our Facebook page is at

The deadline for this contest is Mother’s Day, May 8th.


We’ve received a lack of video submissions for this contest (read: none) so we’re opening it up to fan photos.

So the rules above still apply but now fan photos are eligible to win too. Simply post your fan photo (a photo with you and a Days of our Lives cast member) on our Facebook wall and the video OR photo that gets the most likes will win the prize package. The most likes wins, regardless of whether its a photo or a video (videos take a bit more effort and people relate to stories, so your odds might be better with a video).

The fan photo has to be a real photo with you and a cast member so if you’re great at Photoshop, that’s neat but it won’t win you this contest.

Here’s what you could win:


Like Dr. Marlena Evans? Then like her on Facebook! Click the picture to like the Official Deidre Hall fan page. This page will be updated with news and events by Deidre herself!

Like Dr. Marlena Evans? Then like her on Facebook! Click the picture to like the Official Deidre Hall fan page. This page will be updated with news and events by Deidre herself!

If you came to the Suwanee book signing and couldn’t get a signed book, you can now order one off our website!
Click the photo to go to our site!

If you came to the Suwanee book signing and couldn’t get a signed book, you can now order one off our website!

Click the photo to go to our site!

Days of our Lives cast making milkshakes at Millions of Milkshakes in Culver City, CA! Buy a Days of our Lives 45th Anniversary shake and all proceeds go to the St. Bernard Project.

Wanna Give Back with the Cast of Days of our Lives???

Join the cast of daytime television’s Days of our Lives Thursday March 24nd as they volunteer with St. Bernard Project, a nonprofit rebuilding organization in the New Orleans area, to rebuild homes for hurricane Katrina survivors. The five highest bids until Thursday at 10 a.m. will win this unique opportunity. For more information visit